Tree Hugging: Green Development Goes Mainstream

Posted by Ashley Laor on September 20, 2016

Green development is a wide field in development and land planning which includes city planning, architecture and landscaping. Green development is, quite literally, green. In almost all cases, it incorporates tree preservation throughout all stages of development.

Topics: Green Development, Tree Preservation

How to Mitigate the Effects of the Urban Heat Island

Posted by Phil Ault on September 13, 2016

More than half the total global population lives in urban areas. This global rate of urbanization is expected to grow by more than 1% per year until 2030 as people migrate from rural to urban and suburban areas. As this migration occurs, it carries with it a number of potential environmental..

Topics: Urban Heat Island, Urbanization, Rapid Urbanization

Alternative Materials for Sustainable Clothing

Posted by Ben Wilde on September 7, 2016

Clothing is a basic human need, and the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Meeting this global need without jeopardizing the natural resources that drive our supply chains leads us to explore sustainable clothing, which is defined as clothes made from fibers..

Topics: Sustainable Clothing

Background into Risks and Opportunities (Part 2)

Posted by Wendy Ye on September 1, 2016

If you missed Part 1 of 'Background into Risks and Opportunities', read it here.

A comprehensive understanding of the whole value chain and the three spheres of sustainability – environment, social and economic – may be helpful in identifying the drivers of risks and opportunities. Public..

Topics: Sustainability, Risks and Opportunities

Background into Risks and Opportunities (Part 1)

Posted by Wendy Ye on August 30, 2016

According to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), “Corporate Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments.” How we identify the drivers, and manage..

Topics: Sustainability, Risks and Opportunities, Risk and Opportunity Management

What is Impact Investing?

Posted by Ben Wilde on August 23, 2016

Conventional wisdom dictates that the goal of businesses is to generate profit — and this goal may come into conflict with objectives such as environmental conservation and responsibly-sourced consumer goods. Impact investing dispels these beliefs by offering opportunities for stakeholders to..

Topics: Community Sustainability Efforts, Impact Investing, Social and Environmental Solutions, Business Opportunities

3 Steps for Sustainable Logistics

Posted by Ben Wilde on August 16, 2016

How green is your logistics? Companies are discovering the value of integrating sustainability in all areas of operations, especially logistics. Logistics, an important part of supply chain management, involves the planning, implementation, and control of the efficient and effective flow and..

Topics: Sustainable Logistics, Logistics

The Impact of a Risk Management Plan

Posted by Patrick Schultz on August 9, 2016

Even the most meticulously planned project can run into hot water. No matter how carefully laid your plan is, it can encounter unexpected issues you may not be prepared to handle. How should you operate in these unpredictable situations?

Topics: Risk Management Plan, Impact

Hannover Messe: Energy Management and the Low-Carbon Economy

Posted by Sharolyn Vettese on August 2, 2016

Attending the Hannover Messe 2016 manufacturing trade fair in Germany gave me hope that humanity can be innovative enough in its energy use that we don’t overheat our planet with carbon emissions. Indeed, unlike most trade fairs or conferences, there was excitement for a low-carbon economy.

Topics: Low-Carbon Economy, Energy, Hannover Messe, Low-Carbon

How, Exactly, will Innovation Spur Economic Growth?

Posted by Sharolyn Vettese on July 26, 2016

Several government leaders tend to repeatedly use the buzzword “innovation” and project it as the cure-all for spent economies. Some might even say that innovation and economic growth have gone hand-in-hand in this generation.

Topics: Innovation, Low-Carbon Economy, Innovation and Economic Growth, Economic Growth