What is Impact Investing?

Posted by Ben Wilde on August 23, 2016

Conventional wisdom dictates that the goal of businesses is to generate profit — and this goal may come into conflict with objectives such as environmental conservation and responsibly-sourced consumer goods. Impact investing dispels these beliefs by offering opportunities for stakeholders to..

Topics: Community Sustainability Efforts, Impact Investing, Social and Environmental Solutions, Business Opportunities

3 Steps for Sustainable Logistics

Posted by Ben Wilde on August 16, 2016

How green is your logistics? Companies are discovering the value of integrating sustainability in all areas of operations, especially logistics. Logistics, an important part of supply chain management, involves the planning, implementation, and control of the efficient and effective flow and..

Topics: Sustainable Logistics, Logistics

The Impact of a Risk Management Plan

Posted by Patrick Schultz on August 9, 2016

Even the most meticulously planned project can run into hot water. No matter how carefully laid your plan is, it can encounter unexpected issues you may not be prepared to handle. How should you operate in these unpredictable situations?

Topics: Risk Management Plan, Impact

Hannover Messe: Energy Management and the Low-Carbon Economy

Posted by Sharolyn Vettese on August 2, 2016

Attending the Hannover Messe 2016 manufacturing trade fair in Germany gave me hope that humanity can be innovative enough in its energy use that we don’t overheat our planet with carbon emissions. Indeed, unlike most trade fairs or conferences, there was excitement for a low-carbon economy.

Topics: Low-Carbon Economy, Energy, Hannover Messe, Low-Carbon

How, Exactly, will Innovation Spur Economic Growth?

Posted by Sharolyn Vettese on July 26, 2016

Several government leaders tend to repeatedly use the buzzword “innovation” and project it as the cure-all for spent economies. Some might even say that innovation and economic growth have gone hand-in-hand in this generation.

Topics: Innovation, Low-Carbon Economy, Innovation and Economic Growth, Economic Growth

Climate Change and its Effect on the Global Food System

Posted by Wendy Ye on July 19, 2016

Climate change continues to be a global issue. In 2016, there is a sense of optimism after the success of COP21 last December. Climate change is defined as a change in global or regional climate patterns; in particular, a change apparent from the mid- to late 20th century onwards, and attributed..

Topics: Climate Change, Global Food

Energy Accountability & Transparency in a Low-Carbon Economy

Posted by Sharolyn Vettese on July 12, 2016

An important benefit of the low-carbon economy is that it accelerates greater accountability and transparency regarding the cost of energy. Greater transparency and accountability spurs innovation and efficiency. I know this because I’ve seen how well it works in my house, which is a microcosm..

Topics: Energy Efficient, Energy Cost, Low-Carbon Economy, Accountability, Transparency

How Does Your Company Manage its Water?

Posted by Alicia Godlove on July 6, 2016

World Water Day, celebrated every March 22, is an international opportunity to learn about water-related issues and provide information, inspiring others to take action and ignite change.

Water is used in every business, and can directly affect supply chain operations. Water issues put pressure..

Topics: Water, Water Management

Plastic vs. Paper -- The Quest for Sustainability

Posted by Wendy Ye on June 28, 2016

Plastic pollution is a global sustainability problem. Enough plastic is dumped into the world’s oceans each year that it could fill five grocery bags for every foot of coastline around the globe, according to scientists.

The figures are staggering.

Topics: Sustainability, Plastic

3 Tips for Planning Sustainable Transportation

Posted by Frank Coyle on June 21, 2016

Initiatives to reverse and/or mitigate the harmful effects of climate change continue to thrive in 2016. Both the public and private sectors have identified climate change as a high priority on their agendas, including the impact of transportation, which is a recognized source of greenhouse..

Topics: Sustainable Transportation