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Benchmarking Climate Change Performance Across Supply Chains

Sustainable Supply Chain

Supply chains are businesses’ lifeblood—they are the means through which products and services are created and delivered to the customer. Supply chains are where one can see how raw materials travel and transform into goods. They also reflect companies’ value chains, indicating cash outflow from costs of raw materials and resources along with profits from customers’ purchase of their products.

Hosting Monarch Butterflies in Your Yard


The choices that we make on a daily basis can have a profound effect on our environment. Recently, my mom hired a landscape architect to spruce-up a very drab side yard and turn it into a relaxing garden. She wanted to replace a patch of sod with an eclectic mix of stone, bark, flowering plants, a fountain, a decorative bench and a rocking chair. These are the things one would expect to find in a quaint little Italian style garden.

Achieve Environmental Sustainability in Style


There is no doubt that a large number of today’s world population takes into consideration the harmful impacts of their everyday socio-civic activities on the environment. The slowly diminishing natural resources due mostly to man-made errors have become a global issue that our world needs to address immediately. With this in mind, many organizations are now more conscious in their efforts to do their part in preserving our environment and its natural resources and, more importantly, lessen the carbon footprints they leave behind.

Creating Resilient Cities Amidst Climate Change Risks

Businesses know the importance of sharing their environmental data; the collective information gathered helps bring about a solution towards mitigating climate change risks, lowering environmental impacts and increasing stakeholder confidence. The same premise applies to the cities where these businesses operate from and where employees of these businesses live.

Value Chain Assessments and Engagement: UK Businesses’ Preparation for International Climate Change Impacts

describe the image

The Industrial Revolution originated with Britain in the late 19th century.Through the nation’s massive reserves of coal and iron ore, the British created the world’s first large-scale machinery that led to establishing factories, facilitating mass production, and propagating economic growth. 

Sustainability Leaders: The Driving Force of an Organization’s Sustainability Program


Every organization needs to evolve along with its leaders and employees. When new technologies and new business strategies begin to emerge, a careful consideration of the implementation of new best practices is a must. Organizations today are starting to realize that adopting sustainability in their business agenda is imperative. According to the 2013 Havas Media Group Meaningful Brands research, companies with sustainable brands have outperformed the market by 120% and are more likely to increase sales during tougher economic times. The study also showed that during difficult financial periods, the importance of the relationship between brands and consumers is very crucial as sustainable brands can benefit from measuring, communicating and delivering increased well-being to their consumers.

The Hunter and the Hunted: Lead Poisoning of Bald Eagles


Unless you reside near a large body of water or one of the North American coast lines, it is not often that you will encounter a bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) soaring high overhead. Also known as the American Eagle, this magnificent bird of prey is the second largest on the North American continent, as well as our National symbol of freedom. In addition to their selective habitat, the bald eagle also continues to recover from prior forms of human caused endangerment and remains protected under the Lacey Law and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

NASCAR’s Sustainability


With a sport that is focused around racing vehicles, one may not think that racing could be a sustainable sport. I did not think that a sport which uses large quantities of fossil fuels and emits greenhouse gases (literally from start to finish) could ever be deemed as sustainable. However, NASCAR has taken several steps to make the sport exactly that - more sustainable. This blog provides a glimpse into the steps NASCAR has taken to make the sport “greener.”

Join the Growing Supply Chain Trend on Voluntary Carbon Disclosure to CDP

cdp supply chain disclosure

The supply chain is definitely one of the top solutions a company uses to address the issue of climate change. However, as reported by CDP in its 2013-2014 CDP Supply Chain Program Research Initiative, reducing a supply chain’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions still remains to be a formidable challenge.

More Than an Open Road

open road

The United States (US) has more than 2.6 million miles of paved roads and highways.  In addition, an estimated 250,000 acres of land in the US is either paved or repaved every year.  Throughout the history of road construction, roads have served just one purpose – to get from Point A to Point B. With road building and road maintenance in our towns, cities and rural areas – there is more pavement than ever. 

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