More Cities to have Low-Carbon Future

Posted by Alicia Godlove on May 24, 2016

Cities in the world are talking about climate change and thinking about leaving fossil fuels behind for a low-carbon future. Here’s why:

Topics: Renewable Energy, low-carbon future, energy source, fossil fuels

Why Gender Equality is Key to Addressing Climate Change

Posted by Sharolyn Vettese on May 17, 2016

“Acknowledging that climate change is a common concern of humankind, parties should, when taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on human right; the right to health; the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities, migrants,..

Topics: Gender and Climate Change, Climate Change, Gender Equality, Gender

Why is it Beneficial to Consistently Strive for a High CDP Score?

Posted by Amanda Kielian on May 10, 2016

CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project) is an organization that collaborates with shareholders, investors and corporations to bring transparency to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change issues. Every year, thousands of companies worldwide report to CDP. However, reporting to CDP..

Topics: CDP, CDP Score, Carbon Disclosure Project

FCS Webinar: New CDP Methodology

Posted by Amanda Kielian on May 3, 2016

For many companies around the world, the time to respond to CDP Climate Change is approaching. In 2016, there are a few changes and additions to the methodology and questionnaire. The new requirements can seem overwhelming and companies may need some extra guidance when beginning to prepare..

Topics: CDP, Webinar, CDP Climate Change

Companies with the Greenest Supply Chains

Posted by Ben Wilde on April 26, 2016

Going green can be a driver for value and success in business. Companies such as Apple, Adidas, H&M, Levi’s and Marks & Spencer have already started their journey towards a greener supply chain. These companies, along with Panasonic, Walmart, Microsoft, Esquel and Hitachi, are the highest..

Topics: Sustainability, Supply Chain

How Old Materials Can Make New Construction Green

Posted by Rachel Reese on April 19, 2016

Construction is one of humankind’s dirtiest practices, and makes green construction a challenging idea. Conservative estimates suggest construction is to blame for more than 4 percent of worldwide particulate emissions, which is a significant cause of changing climate and deteriorating air..

Topics: Environmental Impacts, Building Green, CEQA, Environmental Planning, LEED, Sustainability, Development

CDP's 2016 Methodology: An Overview

Posted by Alicia Godlove on April 14, 2016

CDP’s methodology underwent several changes for 2016. First, CDP came up with a new scoring system. Under the old scoring system, organizations were rated according to disclosure (their level of transparency) and performance (how effectively they are addressing climate risks). Organizations..

Topics: Carbon Management, CDP Methodology, Sustainabiity Reporting, Scoring Methodology, CDP

The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Posted by Michele Carchman on April 5, 2016

A crucial aspect of delivering sustainable products and services is sustainable packaging. In designing sustainable packaging for a product, companies need to answer a few questions, including: will it attract consumers to the product; how much will it cost; and will it provide needed protection..

Topics: Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Impacts, Carbon Management, Environmental Issues, Environmental Compliance, Sustainability, Innovation

How Tech Companies are Promoting Sustainability

Posted by Ben Wilde on March 29, 2016

Tech companies realize that sustainability is a good investment. Sustainability ensures business continuity by conserving resources. A company cannot produce goods and services without sufficient raw materials (e.g., clean water, wood, minerals, etc.). This, in turn, means decreased revenue for..

Topics: Energy Management, Environmental Consulting, Environmental Impacts, Building Green, Carbon Management, LEED, Air Quality Issues, Sustainability, Innovation

Best Practices in Sustainability

Posted by Michele Carchman on March 22, 2016

Many companies incorporate sustainability practices in all areas of their operations. From policies, production processes, products and services, every member of their corporate community takes part in promoting sustainability. As a result, their sustainability programs are effective,..

Topics: Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Planning, Sustainability, Innovation

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